Running #

The Kitty has several Mac-address endpoints, that need to be known by several components. It expects to be run while connected to a network with a DHCP server that will hand out IPv4 addresses corresponding to each of the Mac addresses.

As at the time of writing, the MAC addresses are:


The Kitty needs an NFSv3 server, whose address is known at build time. Its MicroPython interpreter can import python modules from the NFS filesystem. The NFSv3 server has to be set up to export to whatever IP address the NFS component is given by DHCP.

Boot #

When first booting up the system you will see the MicroPython REPL prompt on the serial console:

MP|INFO: initialising!
MicroPython v1.22.2 on 2023-12-19; Odroid-C4 with Cortex A55

Accessing the file system #

Below is an example of accessing the file system mounted via NFS.

>>> import os
>>> os.listdir()
>>> with open('') as f:
...     f.write('print("hello world")\n')
>>> os.listdir()
>>> with open('') as f:
...     print(
print("hello world")

>>> import hello
hello world
>>> os.remove('')
>>> os.listdir()